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TIP: Use our Business Letter Templates to quickly write your business letter!

Do you need to quickly write a business letter in a block format? Fill out the fields in this form and press the submit button. This will create a business letter that you can print and send. Preview the letter in your Internet browser and then download the letter into your favorite word processor. You can leave any box blank.

If you are using a letter from our Business Letter Templates, be sure to add the template before starting the form. Navigating away from this page will result in the loss of the information you've already entered into the builder.

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You want to avoid abbreviations as much as possible in your business letter. Write out the complete date in this box (example: March 13, 2007).

Include a courtesy title (such as Mr. or Ms.) with the name IF you know the gender of the recipient. If you are unsure of the gender, don't guess! Just write out their name.

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You can either type your own letter in this section or use one of our 3,000+ Business Letter Templates to quickly write your business letter.
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Are you enclosing another document with your letter? First, make sure you mention it in the body of your letter. Then, check the box below and enter a short description of the enclosure. For example, if you are enclosing a resume with a cover letter type "Resume" in the field below.

After you've completed the form, click "Download My Business Letter" to finish writing your letter. Your letter will open in your word processor. You can also preview your letter in an Internet browser before downloading it.

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